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In Indian society, where a person is considered successful by the no. of degrees he has, Sahibnoor Singh is one name for a.We will start with the simplest way to change your YouTube channel name, but not the most ideal way. #1 On YouTube, click on your profile picture in the top right hand corner of the screen and select ‘Settings’. On this screen, you will see your YouTube channel with your profile picture and name.In this case, tweak your channel name until you’re confident that it stands out from the crowd – just like your business. references (3) dr. soft: How to Come Up With the Best youtube channel namefor this, you need to be using a computer first. Then, open your favorite browser, and go to Enter your email address and password, and sign in your Google account. after signing in follow these steps: Earlier, there used to a Pencil icon for editing your channel.If you notice that your YouTube channel is not appearing in search results, there are three. Enter your YouTube username as a tag in the Tags field.. If you have an account that was hidden at the time of the transition, and didn't change it to public, you can still do so.. copyright 2019 leaf Group Ltd. / leaf group media.How To Change your Channel Name on YouTube. Posted by Jamie on April 5, 2019. Things change, we evolve and grow and we like to move with the times.The URL of your YouTube channel may be permanent, but you can change how the name appears on the YouTube page. First, go to YouTube Account Settings -> Overview. From there, click on "Edit on Google+" by your name. This takes you to the place on Google+ that allows you to edit the name. The name on your Google+ page will be the same name.Hello Everyone, i am showing you how to change youtube channel name/username on computer 2017 when you change your youtube channel name its not take a long time its directly changed on that time if you like my video then click on SUBSCRIBE button.

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