Hummer-rific News! Something BIG is Back!

Can you guess what’s the best thing about oil price drop? Well, clue: Everything else in the market drops! Yes, including our very own luxury cars! Well, the groceries are top priorities of course! But the most exciting news for all of us is the fact that Hummer is finally back in the market! I normally like to rent luxury cars (like Hummer) from, but there comes a point in time when you also wonder how much buying one would actually cost.

Well, if you are planning to buy; perhaps this year would be a perfect time for you with all the price drop and all. Here’s a little thought shared by

“Oil prices are falling because OPEC has decided oil prices should be low for a while, and we’re starting to see the return of the Hummer, the mid-2000s status icon and total embodiment of late-stage capitalism. The Washington Post explains why the time is right, again, for a truck that gets 10 miles per gallon.”

So you see, it’s all over the news. Price recession is one of the best things that could ever happen to all shoppers out there. BloombergView even added:

“It’s been impossible to miss the headlines screaming about oil: Prices Plunge! Multiyear lows! Supply glut! Dollar rally!…

…I keep coming back to what falling oil prices might mean for the consumer. The possibility of having a little extra jingle in the pocket could be a positive during the holiday shopping season.

…Meantime, expect more volatility in energy prices. Who knows, maybe Hummer sales will pick up again.”

So if you’re wondering what happened back then and why Hummer “disappeared” from the buying public’s eyes? The Washington Post has a brief history:

“The military-style Hummer H1, more tank than truck, disappeared from the new car lots long ago, killed off by General Motors for the sin of guzzling a gallon of gas every 10 to 12 miles. And as the cost of gas hung above $3.50 for four years, even used Hummers languished on used lots, too.

That is, until the price of crude oil — and gasoline — started to nosedive. “We’ve sold a few just in the last few weeks,” said Blake Sharkey, an assistant sales manager at Stadium Auto in Arlington, Texas.

Over the last month, auto analysts say, consumers have shown a fresh interest in the kind of SUVs — Hummers, Lincoln Navigators, Ford Explorers — that typified America’s bigger-is-better mindset of twenty years ago. The new mindset among some car buyers is one of the most unexpected consequences of a domestic oil boom that has helped cause global crude prices to plummet in recent months, with the cost of a gallon of gas now below $3.

As oil prices hit a three-year low, Americans are starting to see price changes that could ultimately influence everything from their grocery shopping to their heating bills to their travel. The lower prices — should they be sustained, as expected, for the next few months — have the potential to nudge the U.S. further away from its dreary post-recession mindset, leaving instead a nation with more affordable air and road transportation options, higher consumer confidence, and yes, a few more gas guzzlers driving around.”